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The Specialist in wine process cooling



Specialist in wine process cooling
The brand KREYER is backed by WTG – Wine Technology GmbH an internationally renown specialist for wine process cooling. WTG develop and produce customized systems for temperature control at all stages of vinification. The WTG sales-team advises our customers in matters of adaptation of technical equipment to individual requirements at their location.

The KREYER range of cooling and tempering units has a well-earned, proven reputation. It is completed by an innovative comprehensive and computerised system for temperature regulation, CO2 emissions measurement, micro/macro oxidisation, most mixing and room temperature control. Our range of products is complimented by assorted heat-exchangers, room-acclimatisation units and accessories that cover the wine production process.

KREYER is since nearly 40 years the expert in the area of temperature control during the vinification.
The brand KREYER, founded 1970 in Villefranche sur Saône, originates from the center of the wine production area in southern France. The factory began it production with cooling equipment for industrial needs. In the 80s the focus of production turned to the wine temperation units. The steady sales growth brought about the transfer to larger production facilities and expansion of sales to other European countries. In the beginning of the 1990s a sales office in France was opened as well as further offices in Spain and the USA.
1998 the company ownership changed to German hands. Since 1999 the headquarters of WTG is located in the triangle Germany, France and Luxembourg – in the heart of the Mosel winegrowing region. From here the distribution, development, design, marketing and service are coordinated, in cooperation with our sales and service partners worldwide.
The second sales office in France was established in 2000, and one year later another sales office was opened in Maintal near Frankfurt.
In 2002 the WTG range was expanded by the addition of temperature control, thermo-fans, and further accessories for winemaking, thereby positioning WTG on wine production map as a supplier of complete installations for wine cooling and processing. More sales offices were opened in 2004 in Bulgaria, 2007 in Italy, 2011 in Greece and in Spain.

WTG is present today in all major wine-growing countries worldwide through sales-offices, subsidiaries or distributors. Its business relationships spread over more than 40 countries, including Chile, South Africa and Australia since 2008.


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